I believe that original product delivery is only the beginning of the process and always focus on supporting completed projects. I pay very serious attention to helping clients keep their projects up to date and to improving them, based on changes in the industry, as well as new requirements emerging in their process. I believe in being approachable and put serious emphasis on deadlines being respected. Probably this is the reason why some of my clients continue using my services for decades and in some cases have already implemented a fifth version of their website delivered by AG. 



My constant passion is making things work, and Project Management provides an excellent way to put this passion into play. For me it is a drive to derive a perfect process and watch it unfold to deliver great results quickly and efficiently. I am driven by a sense of achievement, so the notion of going to bed with a list of goals that were reached today is also very important to my modus operandi.

It’s not always easy to decide where to start or what direction to take, when it comes to promoting your product or service. I can help! All you need to know is what is a goal you seek to achieve. We will advise you on the best tools and practices to make your plan a reality. In a constantly changing world of advertisement new approaches are born every day, and we constantly keep track of what is effective and popular at the moment.


I work with several of areas of visual design. On the right you can see a summary of my most critical skills in these areas. I pride myself on paying attention to an objective of the design, while creating a visual and firmly believe that proper choice of imagery for a project ensures it's ability to deliver the desired results.

I successfully implement these skills in creating tangible products for my private clients, and use my understanding of these areas in managing development projects associated with them.


Alex has years of experience designing various visual assets ranging from print materials and website interfaces to e-mail templates and social media assets. Virtually if it can be seen AG has worked with it in some capacity. Some of Alex's design achievements include numerous logos and brand guidelines.


AG has worked with user interface and experience on numerous projects developing the most efficient means of interaction between a customer with a product. His personal pride is a project where the user interface not only to delivered an effective experience, but also managed to avoid similarities with a competing product.


Besides virtual products Alex has worked extensively  with the design of physical objects that include product form-factor and packaging deliverables ranging from labels to whole product lines.  He has designed these for industries ranging from food to electronics.


Part of AG's expertise is creating, maintaining and optimizing products based on pre-built content management systems, with special emphasis on WordPress, including optimizing WP based websites for speed, UI, SEO compatibility and convenient maintenance by less specialized personnel.


At the end of the day it's all about revenue. No matter how good product looks or how perfect it's functionality, it has one goal and one goal only - to generate results. Whether it's revenue, exposure, brand recognition or anything else, the process has to be targeted to reach this goal. I have extensive experience in planning the campaign and creating the production plan, which makes sense from marketing point of view and will deliver the desired results.